June 23, 2018

UofL Shlelby Campus - Louisville, KY



Adults: $25  Kids: $15 

Registration:  Registration is available online!  Day of registration will be available Saturday from 8-9am.  During this time you will sign in, get your program and name tag, and any other symposium information you may need.  We will also have Kids Camp Waivers available for those that were not able to print them out.

Kids Camp:  We know parents may have a hard time leaving the kiddos for the day while going to sessions, but we assure you, they will have a BLAST!  The kids will be meet new friends and be so busy having fun, they will forget you are gone!  If you child requires cathing or any other accommodations, please be sure to write all information on the Kids Camp Waiver (these were printable at registration and will be available at the symposium).  If your child needs help cathing, you will need to come help them between sessions or as you see fit.  Our staff will not help cath any attendees.

Food:  While attending the SBAK Summer Symposium, you will be provided breakfast and lunch on Saturday.

Financial Assistance:  If you live 60+ miles away and need help with registration and/or hotel stay, please fill out the form below.  Applicants may receive partial or full grants.  Funds are first come first serve.

If you have any questions, please call Erin at 502-637-7363 or email egillespie@sbak.org.


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