SBAK Conference Scholarship

Spina Bifida National Conference Scholarship Application

SBAK National Conference Scholarship Policies

A. The Nature of the Scholarship. The SBAK Financial Assistance Fund Conference Scholarship is provided to qualified applicants to increase their knowledge of Spina Bifida related topics. Although the benefit of attending conference also includes social interactions, networking, seeing new products and visiting new parts of the country, SBAK must confirm that SBAK sponsored attendees at conference are meeting the educational objective. Individuals who receive scholarships are eligible to apply again after two years. 2014 recipients can apply again in 2016. 

B. The amount of the Scholarship Benefit. SBAK Scholarships are limited to no more than Conference Registration and the cost of hotel rooms for a maximum of four days. Applicants are encouraged to cover as much of the cost using their own resources. Applicants from the state of Kentucky are encouraged to also apply to the Kentucky Council on Developmental Disabilities Leadership Development Fund. Applications can be obtained from or call Carol Wray at (877) 367-5332. DEADLINE 2/1/2014

C. The Procedure to Apply. Scholarships are available for adults or children born with Spina Bifida and parents of children under eighteen born with Spina Bifida who reside in Kentucky or Southern Indiana. Consideration will be given to scholarships for siblings depending on funds available. 
SBAK reserves the right to place administrative requirements on the receipt of a scholarship including but not limited to completion of an application, maintaining current contact information with SBAK, agreeing to a Post-Conference Activity and confirmation that the applicant has Spina Bifida. 

D. Financial Notes: 

  • SBAK will make payments directly to SBA for registration and to the hotel for lodging. 
  • Accepted applicants must show proof of purchase for a flight to the conference by June 1, or assistance may be revoked.
  • If the scholarship recipient does not attend for reasons due to a medical emergency (which must be accompanied by a sufficient medical documentation) SBAK will cover only nonrefundable expenses incurred. 
  • If the scholarship recipient does not attend for reasons other than a medical emergency, any expenses incurred by SBAK shall be reimbursed by the individual or parent. 
  • If a scholarship recipient is not able to attend, the FAF Committee reserves the right to choose another scholarship recipient from the pool of applications received. 

E.  Scholarship Recipient Obligations: 
Failure to meet these obligations may result in disqualification of the recipient from consideration for future Conference Scholarships. 

  • Attendance at an absolute minimum of 3/4 of the offered sessions. 
  • Represent SBAK in a professional, courteous and respectful manner. 
  • “Pay it forward” by using what you learn to at Conference to benefit SBAK or the community at large. Examples include:
  • Speak to a class at your local high school about folic acid/Spina Bifida.
  • You and your child speak to his or her class about what it means to have Spina Bifida.
  • Create a video or scrapbook of conference photos for SBAK use.
  • Participate in an SBAK “parent chat” following the conference to present information you learned.
  • Organize a small fundraiser, such as a child’s lemonade stand; a Thirty-One, Pampered Chef, etc. party; or other event in which you educate your audience about Spina Bifida and SBAK and proceeds go to SBAK.
  • Help SBAK organize a program in your area: a picnic, playgroup, safety training, etc.
  • Speak with Colleen Payne about any other ideas you have to “pay it forward.” Be creative!

F. Contract – Approved scholarship applicants will be required to sign a contract confirming intention to comply with these policies. 

Please send FAF Conference Application to Mary Beth at or mail it to:

Shriners Hospitals for Children
Spina Bifida Association of Ky
110 Conn Terrace 
Lexington. Ky 40508