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Newborn Outreach/Keeping In Touch Program

SBAK wants to reach out to every family in Kentucky and Southern Indiana who delivers a baby who has Spina Bifida, to congratulate them on their bundle of joy and provide the information and resources they need. If your baby is born at Kentucky Children’s in Lexington or Norton Children’s Hospital in Louisville, a nurse should ask you if she can refer you to SBAK. If not, or if your baby is at another NICU, please call us at (502) 637-7363 for a self-referral or fill-out the form below and send it to or to Spina Bifida Association of Ky, 982 Eastern Pkwy., Ste. 18,  Louisville, Ky 40217.

We will provide, if needed, a specially designed car bed to transport your baby home from the NICU if he cannot lay on his back yet. You will also receive a Parent Packet that includes Children with Spina Bifida, A Parents’ Guide edited by Marlene Lutkenhoff, and other helpful information.

We will add you to our mailing list to receive our newsletter and invitations to programs and events.  We can also provide information about specific health issues and financial resources individual to your situation.

Over the next 18 years, we will periodically send birthday cards as well as health and social information pertaining to your child’s age and stage.

Welcome to our SBAK family!